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The LatticeAx is versatile and simple tool used to prepare a wide variety of substrate (Si, GaAs, sapphire, glass) for cross section and surface analysis. See informative and instructional how to videos showing how to operate the LatticeAx.

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White Papers

LatticeAx in Action- Downsizing a glass slide

Learn how Penn State University used the LatticeAx to cleanly downsize a standard glass microscope slide and eliminate more than a day of extra work when the specially prepared slide was too tall to fit in their AFM.

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Electronic properties of SmB6

Read how the LatticeAx supported a discovery that Dr. Suchitra Sebastian of the University’s Cavendish Laboratory and her team of PhD students weren’t expecting. Their experiments that measured the electronic properties of samarium hexaboride (SmB6) revealed both insulating and conducting behaviours in the same material. This groundbreaking research was first published in Science Magazine in July, 2015.

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Tescan and LG Present Cleaving Straight Through Your Lunch at M&M 2015

LatticeGear and TESCAN USA partnered to offer a Lunch and Learn tutorial on sample preparation workflows that start with a new cleaving method. The LatticeAx 420 delivers repeatable, high accuracy cleaving (HAC), even for small, irregular-shaped, and single, multi- and non-crystalline material samples. This technology has been an indispensable resource for FIB and SEM users offering a low cost method to cross section the target and reduce sample prep time. Learn more about how LatticeAx 420 and the TESCAN LYRA FIB-SEM work together for all of your FIB-SEM needs

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Hitachi and LG Streamline Cross Section Sample Preparation at M&M 2105

LatticeGear and Hitachi HTA partnered to offer a lunchtime tutorial, Streamlining Cross Section Sample Preparation. This tutorial presented and demonstrated cross section sample preparation using a workflow that combines High Accuracy Cleaving (HAC) and Broad Ion Beam (BIB) milling for high quality sub-surface observation. Pairing the LatticeAx cleaving systems with the Hitachi IM4000 Broad Ion Beam system offers the best throughput for any lab without sacrificing quality, and at a cost that rivals traditional methods and fully automated systems.

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Usage of AX 300 at Failure Analysis Lab X-FAB Erfurt

Learn why X-FAB has implemented cleaving as a critical component in their sample preparation workflow for electronicdevice failure analysis. Ekkehart Brandstädt, Failure Analysis Team Leader, will discuss X-FAB’s unique sample preparation requirements, highlight the solutions used in their workflow and showcase their sample management best practices for electronics and MEMS research.

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Cleaving Breakthrough: A New Method Removes Old Limitation

This paper describes how cleaving performance is greatly improved, in comparison to scribers, pins and pliers, using a simple mechanical machine to assist the user to indent and cleave the sample. Implementation of this approach to streamline cross-section sample preparation in a FA lab is described.

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Streamlining Cross-section sample preparation with the LatticeAx

In this article, the role of cleaving in the semiconductor sample preparation workflow for imaging or chemically analyzing bulk samples is discussed and a new tool, the LatticeAxTM cleaver, is introduced. Two case studies provide examples of applications currently implemented by semiconductor customers.

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Cleaving and Scribing Reinvented at ISTFA 2015

An educational overview of LatticeGear and their products.

LatticeAx 420 Cleaving Process

The LatticeAx Cleaving Process. Set Indent Cleave. In three simple steps this video shows how the LatticeAx 420 is used to cleave a specific site on a semiconductor sample.

Flipscribing Glass

This video shows how to accurately scribe and break glass. This technique is very useful in preparing samples of films on glass for further analysis.

How to cleave a wafer into die sized pieces

Starting with a whole wafer, this instructional video shows you how to downsize a wafer into die sized pieces. The process results in high quality, clean samples that can be used for further analysis. The LatticeGear Cleaving Kit (WCSK-102LG) is required to perform this process and the LatticeScriber (LGUS-100) is also useful, having a long life diamond scribe tip designed specifically for semiconductor materials.

Flipscribing Silicon

This video shows how LatticeGear's back side scriber is used to cleave a large sample from a silicon wafer. This sample preparation technique is useful for preparing samples for cross section analysis.

Cleaving Silicon Wafers

This video shows how whole wafer are cleaved using scribers and cleaving pliers

Clean copper cleaving

Cleaving copper with the LatticeAx

LatticeGear cleaves at ISTFA 2013

See how samples are cleaved using the LatticeAx 300

Cleaving a hard disk with the LatticeAx

LatticeAx cleanly cleaves a glass hard disk

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