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New Distributor in Germany

April 10, 2015

​LatticeGear has partnered with PM Professional Maintenance to expand their sales and service support for analytical laboratory customers in Germany.

LatticeGear Co-Founder Efrat Moyal states, “We are very pleased to be working with PM Professional. With their years of experience with the semiconductor industry, they have not only a deep understanding of technology requirements, but also the respect of area manufacturers. Their knowledge complements our experience with sample preparation techniques and workflows, and they share our commitment to helping customers improve their analytical processes. PM Professional’s portfolio focuses on testing and failure analysis for photolithography, semiconductors and microelectronics laboratories, which for us means that the LatticeGear solutions will receive the same level of attention as the other solutions they represent.”

Holger Neuholz, Managing Director at PM Professional adds, “LatticeGear LLC, with their outstanding technique of material cleaving, fits perfectly into our structure for supporting our customers. This addition to our portfolio will allow us to offer a wider range of solutions to help engineers work more efficiently, and will help us grow our revenues so that we may continue to invest in an infrastructure that provides our customers with the highest quality support.”

PM Professional will be demonstrating LatticeGear’s patent-pending LatticeAx™ 300 cleaving system during the 4th Fraunhofer CAM Workshop on automotive electronics, April 14-15, 2015, in Halle (Saale) Germany.  

Learn more about PM Professional Maintenance: For more information visit:

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