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Meet us at the Molecular foundry Users’ Meeting to be held August 25-26 at UC Berkeley

August 21, 2014

Bring your sample and schedule a demo on the LatticeAx300 -

Shift to high gear. Cleave with the LatticeAx Systems - a great fit for any sample preparation lab.

Technology: MICRO Indent and SLOW cleave integrated with high resolution imaging and SW result in accurate cleaving (10-um), with mirror finish quality fast (5-min) of a wide range of sample (and substrate) types and sizes.  By introducing the LatticeAx system at the start of the cross section sample preparation workflow, both final sample quality and throughput can be improved. It helps users to overcome poor quality cleaving and variability between different technicians and engineers. Because of its speed, <5 minutes, it reduces the bottleneck at other high-demand sample preparation tools.

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