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New LatticeAx 300 Installations in Germany and Oregon

April 09, 2014

This week LatticeGear installed and provided training for LatticeAx 300 systems in Germany and Oregon. The tools were purchased to provide highly repeatable and accurate cleaving capability with short cycle times (<5 minutes). Many samples can be viewed in the SEM directly after cleaving. In other cases, improving the cleaving process reduces the bottleneck on other tools such as the FIB, Ion polishers, mechanical polishers as well as the total sample preparation turnaround time. At one of the facilities the Lab Manager said the Ax was purchased : “…to bridge the gap between the manual cleaving and the Sela600 because 90% of the samples going on the Sela do not require that level of accuracy but manually, they cannot secure good results and this way, they save time and money on the low accuracy samples”. In another lab, the driver for the purchase was to streamline SEM sample preparation. The LatticeAx is fast and can accommodate a wide variety of sample shapes, even those with poor edges. 

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