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Catch You on the Flip Side at ISTFA 2015, November 2-4.

October 25, 2015

See how LatticeGear has reinvented scribing with the new FlipScribe™. Join us at ISTFA 2015, in Portland, Oregon, where we will show the FlipScribe in the Monday night “Tools of the Trade” session and offer demonstrations during the vendor exhibit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

FlipScribe™ from LatticeGear takes scribing to a new performance level, letting users make clean, straight scribe lines on back side substrates –repeatably– for accurate cleaving of front side targets. It is the ideal solution for bonded wafers, crystalline and amorphous samples. Using FlipScibe, you can eliminate contamination of sensitive front side devices during scribing.  It’s the perfect complement to our flagship LatticeAx cleaving machine, which enables precisely placed cleaves using a controlled, microline indent and cleave method.

ISTFA attendees who have a demonstration of the FlipScribe during ISTFA will receive a discount certificate toward the purchase of a FlipScribe. Stop by booth 220 to reserve your appointment, or contact us before the show at

Learn more about ISTFA here: Registered ISTFA attendees who are interested in participating in the Tools of the Trade Tour should contact

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