Scribeless Cleaving

  • Precision mechanics integrated with high resolution optics and independently controlled sample and indenter stages
  • LatticeAx indents. A shallow indent is made on the surface of the sample. No scribing
  • Clean and accurate (±10 μm)  cleaves in <5 minutes. No Dust, just a straight, long cleave with a mirror finish

Scribeless Cleaving

LatticeAx: New Way of Cleaving

LatticeAx is fundamentally different from manual cleaving because it: (a) replaces human vision with a high-magnification digital microscope to precisely select the target, (b) replaces hand coordination with precision positioning knobs, resulting in a repeatable process that is not user-dependent, (c) produces an indent on the surface < 1 mm in length, ~10 μm in width at a very shallow depth, (d) employs a controlled “slow cleave” that follows the crystal plane, rather than a break along a scribed line.

This machine-assisted hybrid cleaving tool bridges the gap between manual scribing and fully automated cleaving. It also increases success rate by any user while keeping costs down. Cleaving with the LatticeAx 220 and 300 products deliver 20 and 10 μm targeting accuracy respectively. Cleaving is fast (<5 min), clean and repeatable.

While a manual scribe and cleave is fast (about 2 min), it is not repeatable or accurate. Accuracy can be improved when the manual scribe is made while viewing the sample with a stereoscope (50-100μm).  In both cases, targeting accuracy and quality varies by user.

In the past decade, automated micro-cleaving tools improved targeting accuracy and sample quality needed for high resolution SEM imaging. These improvements came with strict pre-preparation requirements, lower throughput, inability to handle small and thin samples, and much higher cost than manual cleaving.

The LatticeAx features and process optimizes the very basic elements of the manual cleaving technique and overcomes manual cleaving disadvantages, such as lack of accuracy and repeatability.

Additional Info

You can download all the info about the LatticeAx brings new dimensions to cleaving by downloading the complete PDF.


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