Multi-tool Use Case

  • Single step cross-section – in-5min, cleave with 10-um accuracy ready for SEM
  • Multi steps cross-section – in 5-min, cleave accurately to localize the target prior to a prep by another tool (FIB, Broad Ion Beam, Sela, mechanical polisher)
  • Downsize to specific dimensions to fit on a stage or a holder

Multi-tool Use Case

The LatticeAx workflow can have two paths, single-tool or multi-tool sample preparation. In the single-tool case, samples go directly from cleaving to imaging in the scanning electron microscope (SEM). The multi-tool workflow begins with cleaving to approximately 10μm from the target and then continues to polishing, broad beam milling, automated cleaving systems or focused ion beam (FIB)/SEM milling to isolate a target or improve the surface quality of the cross-section face.

SINGLE-TOOL SAMPLE PREPARATION is the fastest and most cost-effective approach to cross-section sample preparation. It often yields the best results and is preferred unless the sample requires additional surface preparation or the target is <10μm.

MULTI-TOOL SAMPLE PREPARATION is necessary when the target is small or the sample material and structures require additional preparation to obtain the surface quality needed for accurate analysis. First localize the target with LatticeAx then Improve quality and accuracy of the final cross section.The value, improve overall throughput, reduce costs and use expensive tools efficiently.

The LatticeAx has broad applicability and works synergistically with other tools in the lab. It is more accurate than manual cleaving and less costly with higher throughput than complex automated cleaving machines. It takes little training and users will be “CLEAVING IN MINUTES AND EXPERTS IN A DAY.”

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The LatticeAx is more accurate than manual cleaving and less costly and faster than complex automated machines. It is synergistic with other tools in the lab changing the sample preparation workflow and reduces the time to prepare cross sections. 

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