LatticeAx 220

The LatticeAx 220 is LatticeGear’s cleaving workhorse delivering 20-μm cleaving accuracy within 5-min

Improve Cleaving Performance with the LatticeAx220

The LatticeAx 220 is LatticeGear’s cleaving workhorse delivering 20-μm accuracy with high surface quality in 5-min. It combines the patent pending LatticeAx base with a digital microscope and real-time image acquisition and display software (SW) and a robust industrial set of stand and poles to offer the most ease of use and repeatable results by any user. The LatticeAx220 accepts samples with a wide range size, thickness and material. 

The LatticeAx 220 Features



Vision Package

USB digital microscope, a real-time image acquisition and display software*


  • LatticeAx
  • 1 pre-installed Indenter
  • USB digital microscope and real-time image acquisition and display software*
  • Robust setup to support the USB digital microscope: 13x17” heavy duty worksurface, industrial pole and boom
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Transport Case


110 or 220.  Price varies, so please specify when requesting a quote. 

*Computer not included

Every LatticeAx Features

Set Samples

Flat stage with vacuum to hold the sample in place during indentation.


Using the indenter knob, create a pristine, controlled surface indentation: L-1mm (from leading edge), W- 10um, D- shallow / user selection.

3-Point Cleaving Process

Using the cleaving bar and turning knob, cleave slowly and controllably perpendicular to the primary sample axis, from the indentation.

Minimum Sample Size

Full set-indent-cleave – min 9mm width / For < 9mm, use the Ax to set-indent

Maximum Sample Size

1/2 of 12” wafer

Thickness of Sample

‘out of the package’ die to a fully processed sample (not including package material)

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