New FlipScribe- Scribing reinvented!

You’ll flip when you see this: perfectly straight back side scribe lines for clean cleaves through front side targets. FlipScribeTM from LatticeGear takes scribing to a new performance level, letting users make clean, straight scribe lines on the back side of substrates- repeatably- for accurate cleaving of frontside targets. The ideal solution for making cross sections and downsizing bonded wafers, crystalline and amorphous materials, FlipScribe helps eliminate contamination of sensitive front side devices.

New FlipScribe- Scribing reinvented!

FlipScribe is a compact, stable, accurate, fast and low cost scribing and cleaving solution suitable for any lab; no utilities required. It provides a more accurate method for scribing than can be achieved with hand held tools, by integrating a robust diamond scribe into a sample platform with a fence guide design. Time required to align and scribe is about a minute. It allows users to accurately position the scribe mark relative to features on the front side, visualized either by eye or with a user-supplied high magnification microscope. FlipScribe also offers a quick method for cleanly downsizing large samples, with a “scribe stop” to allow the operator to define the length of the scribe.

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FlipScribe 100

FlipScribe takes scribing to a new performance level, making clean, straight scribe lines on the back side to accurately cleave front side targets, bonded wafers and other substrates. This method eliminates contamination of sensitive front side devices during the scribing processes and is especially valuable for crystalline and amorphous samples.


LatticeAx 420

LatticeAx420 is LatticeGear’s highest performance cleaving solution. It integrates LatticeGear's custom designed, stable, small footprint workstation and vision package with 4-μm optical resolution and precise focus control to cleave with 10-um accuracy in <5-min.

Use the scriber to make 1 mm samples  

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