About LatticeGear

About LatticeGear

LatticeGear is focused on helping their customers get to the business of imaging and analysis faster, by developing innovative, easy to use cleaving and scribing solutions. We are passionate about sourcing locally and have teamed with engineering, marketing and manufacturing companies around the country. Our flagship product, the LatticeAx is Made in the USA and aims to bridge the gap between hand tool based manual cleaving methods and costly capital equipment with slow cycle times.

Cleaving and Scribing Reinvented

Company founders Janet and Efrat, two women with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, believe that materials cleaving and scribing should be easy and fast, without requiring costly automated tools. They started LatticeGear in 2012 to provide resources and solutions that help technicians, engineers and researchers optimize their sample preparation workflows. 

From high accuracy cleaving (HAC) systems, to kits that take the guesswork out of selecting supplies for a specific use case, LatticeGear solutions offer an innovative approach to alleviate some of the challenges of typical cleave and scribe methods.  

Whether you work with small or irregular shaped samples, need repeatable high accuracy, require greater speed and throughput, or have that one of a kind specimen that you can’t risk destroying, you can bring your needs to Efrat and Janet and they will work with you to identify a solution that will get your sample preparation workflow off to an efficient start and get you to the business of imaging and analysis faster, with better quality samples.

We would love to hear from you.  Contact us at: 503-828-0040 or send us a note.

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